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National School & Student Statistics

Bullying National Statistics

2015 – 15 School Shootings
12 of the shooters were bullied and brought the weapon to school with the intent to harm the person who had bullied them.

77% – Have been bullied, physically, verbally, or mentally

86% – Have seen someone bullied

43% – Fear being bullied in the Bathroom at School

Self Harm National Statistics

4300 Suicides Attributed to Bullying 2015

2nd – Leading Cause of Death Amongst High School-Age Students

4 to 5 – Who Attempt Suicide Give Clear Warning Signs


Drug Abuse National Statistics

20M – Over the age of 13 have a drug addiction

90% – Began to use drugs or alcohol before the age of 18

23% – 9th – 12th graders reported using marijuana more than once in the last 30 days

1 out of 6 – Have reported using prescription drugs to change their mood or to get high